Doctors Late Catching Onto Marketing

Why Are Doctors Late Catching The Marketing Train? And 3 Reasons It’s a Huge Mistake

The medical community is considered one of the last major industries to catch on to current marketing trends.

But why they are late makes sense…

They have relied on an insurance-based healthcare system that delivered consistent patient influx. So much so, that they hire staff to help patients with the confusing insurance industry.

Doctor’s don’t have to help patients file insurance claims. But this was something that became an industry standard decades ago. Doctor’s know this – but most patients don’t.

Dealing with insurance is a massive overhead that used to be worth it. But with rapidly seesawing healthcare changes, many are starting to wonder – is it really worth it? This plus other expected overhead costs are being questioned by doctors as they rearrange their practices to work better for them.

And IF doctors can get patients who are lining up to see them… well, they have more leverage on how they can set-up their practices. This is where medical marketing comes in.

Many doctors are finding marketing efforts saves them money and time. It also gives them the freedom to organize their practice around both business and personal goals. Allowing them more time with both their patients and families.

Here’s how doctors are seeing marketing work for them.

  1. Doctors with great marketing strategies are rejecting relying on insurance companies for leads because they have something better: Inbound marketing. Inbound marketing by definition means your patients are seeking you out. They are finding their doctors through online presence and reviews – 72% of patients’ research their doctors before making a choice.
  2. Increasing trust means doctors get to choose their ideal patient. Whether you want to specialize and spend more time focusing on a particular illness, decrease hours as you approach retirement, or change your practice to a hybrid concierge service, when you have patients who trust and respect you, they are going to be more willing to accept your practice arrangement.
  3. Creating a practice that suits both your desires and your patient’s needs is something doctors with a strong marketing strategy enjoy. It’s a simple supply and demand equation – if you are being sought for your expertise, then you have more flexibility in how you run your practice. Simple as that.

It’s understandable that doctors have been slow to notice the potentials of online marketing – they’ve been in a lead acquisition system that’s been nearly unchanged for decades. They also are typically working 60+ hours a week looking at charts – not computer screens. But that’s no longer the case – technology and social media have changed everything forever and it’s time for doctors to get on board.

Sarah Turner

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