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Use Money Effectively

As a doctor, content production is the best use of your marketing dollars.

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Establish your identity and use your expertise to reach new audiences and earn more.

Save Time

You've already done the hard work. Let me show your patients what you do best.


As a doctor, in the past few years you’ve seen:

  • Your hours increase
  • The amount of time you can dedicate to a patient decrease


And yet – You’re making less!

You’ve experienced drastic changes in insurance policies.

You’ve watched your colleagues rethink their practice structure altogether.

Insurance companies, hospitals, and practices used to be your biggest supplier of regular patients, but times are changing.

Today, your online presence and marketing strategy is more important than ever before.

If you want to earn more money, have more time to spend with your family, and get out from under the thumb of insurance companies there are a couple of things you MUST do:

  • Have a high-quality, information-packed website
  • Consistent inbound marketing techniques
  • Great SEO throughout your marketing strategy


But you don’t have time to be a full-time doctor, cranking out 60+ hours a week and work on your online presence!

That’s where I come in.

I’m Sarah, a medical freelance copywriter and inbound marketing strategist.

When you work with me, I create an inbound marketing strategy that will show future patients why they should come to you.

You’ll save time and energy as patients choose you out of the crowd.

Doctors with a strong online presence have the luxury of dealing with insurance companies less and have more control over how they run their practice.


Ready to save time and earn more? Get your free 15-minute consultation.


Why Work With Me?

Words are more important in medical copywriting than other industries because they explain the effects of drugs, procedures, new technology, and potential side effects. Though your medical copy cannot replace the advice of your expertise, it still impacts lives. Your copy can exhibit your expertise or undermine all your hard work in the blink of an eye.

With a background in biology and scientific research, I make sure your content is backed by the most reputable studies but is still human-friendly. Because what I do converts readers into patients – I inform, excite, and inspire your readers to act!


Client: Brad Davidson

Skills: Website copy.

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Stop and ask yourself this question:
Are you a victim of outdated fitness and nutrition advice?

My guess is your daily life is filled with energy sucking, self-destructive habits that are based on old ideas about what it means to be truly fit and healthy.

All too often I see people who are engaged in detrimental activities they believe are good for them.

Perhaps your body isn’t what you want. This can be especially frustrating if you’re putting time in at the gym and feel like you’re eating right. Unfortunately we are focused on the wrong things. This lack of results is not from your lack of effort, it's simply because so much of what we do on a daily basis damages our metabolism, which is the foundation of our energy.

You see, your metabolism is much more than an equation of calories – it’s your body’s dynamic life force and your key to unlocking a surplus of energy. When you have access to your body’s premium energy source, you can live a connected, engaged, and fulfilling life in every aspect.

Client: Atrantil

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What Do World Champions Use For Gut Health?

NSF certified for sport gutWhen you use a NSF Certified for Sport gut health supplement, you get the same reassurances a professional athlete needs in terms of quality and pureness.

You don’t have to take chances or wonder what’s in your capsule when you stick with NSF Certified for Sport gut supplements.

Client: Paleo Secret

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How to Fight Time and Keep Your Youthful Vigor

Today, we understand the inner workings of our bodies more
than ever before, and scientists are continuing to unlock the secrets of keeping our youthful vigor longer.

Gone are the days when we must simply give in to the wear and tear of time. With new health insights, we can fight back against aging.

What is one of the best anti-aging, health-promoting discoveries to date? Collagen.

The most abundant protein in your body, collagen is needed for hundreds of vital bodily functions.

Do you want smoother skin? Healthier nails and hair? Balanced hormones and mood? Less cellulite? What about a healthy heart and better athletic performance?

Client: Performance Health Academy

Skills: Research Based Article Writing

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Does Kinesiology Tape Really Increase Blood Flow? Don’t Stretch to Conclusions

Kinesiology tape has been growing in popularity as a rehabilitation tool for physical therapists, coaches, trainers and athletes alike.

Kinesiology tape is used after musculoskeletal injuries because it’s been shown to reduce pain up to one week compared to minimal interventions. Some have suggested that kinesiology tape improves blood flow, which is thought to then decrease lymphatic pressure and increase interstitial space, thus reducing pain; however, the mechanism behind kinesiology tape remains unclear...

Client: EC3Health

Skills: Website Content

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Website Content for EC3 Health

Client: Skyterra Wellness

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The 5 Obvious Reasons Wellness Retreats are Replacing Vacations

"One of the biggest travel trends right now is wellness retreats – vacations turned into opportunities for growth and self-improvement. It is a new and innovative way to use your vacation time.

Celebrities like Julia Roberts, David Beckham, and Oprah Winfrey are disappearing for weeks, sometimes months, at a time to tackle self-care goals such as weight loss, stress management, and increased mindfulness. Wellness retreats offer you the beauty and relaxation desired from a vacation while adding an opportunity to become a better version of yourself. They are more than luxurious vacations – they are catalysts for an improved life..."



  • Sarah is a true rockstar in the world of academic science writers. She continues to create high quality online content and delivery with exceptional skill and reliability that you can really count on. She is a delight to work with!

    Dr. Jill Carnahan
  • “I can honestly say that I do not know a better writer. She has written many articles for my websites and they are all top notch!”

    Scott Trick – Software Engineer & Owner at Surge Marketing
  • Since I'm a professional writer and editor who's worked closely with Sarah, I can say with authority that her writing is exemplary, and I don't often give out recommendations to other writers. Sarah has been writing content for Ray Access for months now, and she is one of our star writers. Her work has been consistently good, she takes any criticism with an eye toward improvement (a sign of a true professional), and she's just a pleasure to work with. Frankly, we'd be a lot poorer without her, but I will still give her a ringing endorsement because she deserves it. Hire Sarah for your medical and health content needs, and she will not disappoint you.

    Mark Bloom – Director of Digital Content at Ray Access
  • “Sarah is one of a few very good writers I've had the opportunity to work with. Not only is her writing superb, but she always keeps or beats deadlines and has been very helpful in providing topic-specific expertise along the way.”

    Jeff Kingston – Sr. Digital Marketing Manager at Corel Software
  • “Sarah is by far one of the most capable and creative people you will find. She is a rare mix of technically sharp and out of the box while intuitive. She is an incredibly hard worker and holds herself and her work to the highest standards possible. Sarah is the go to for all things writing, editing and creative.”

    Geri Hulsey – Senior Account Executive at SAP
  • I can't recommend Sarah enough. She has written ad copy, articles, and web content for my business. She helped craft the verbiage for my most successful product to date. A product that didn't exist until she branded and defined it. She is capable of both creative branding and persuasive copy.

    Jennifer Duncan – Pages of Gray Photography
  • Sarah is a real pleasure to work with if you need high-quality writing that accelerates your brand and your business. She delivers her work as promised, on time, and on point. If you need a creative engine behind what you do, get in touch with Sarah right now. You'll be happy you did.

    Dylan Todhunter – Founder of Brainbloom Marketing

Services & Rates

I offer expert web content, articles, and blogs that convert readers into paying patients and long-lasting clients.

Working with me, you'll experience content that makes you more money and earns you respect in the medical community.

As a freelance medical writer, I combine my marketing and biology expertise to improve your practice and help you win new patients.

Every piece of content is thoroughly researched and always supported by scholarly resources and the newest scientific studies.

I don’t just write to reach a word count, I write to educate and inform.

And I never stuff your content with spammy keywords – which actually hurts businesses as Google gets smarter. Instead, I use relevant, well-researched key phrases and points to drive your potential clients to act.

When you hire me I don’t just write for you. You also get:

  • Scholarly research on the topic. Cutting-edge studies to support procedures you’re offering.
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Consumer research so I hit topics I know your audience wants to hear about.
  • Pitch article ideas and concepts based on your audience.
  • Format everything so it’s easy to read.
  • Photography that's royalty free and looks great.
  • Title everything in a way that attracts social media clicks.
  • Editing by my editor so that everything you receive is error free.

Sounds awesome, right?

It is!!

And that’s because I care about my clients. I know how long it takes to research and write carefully produced work. If you want in-depth content, then I’m your girl.

I hit deadlines AND produce high-quality work. It's how I have the pleasure of working with great doctors like Dr. Jill Carnahan & Dr. Michael Ruscio.

With that in mind, my price ranges for content are as follows…

Landing pages, whitepapers, opt-ins and ebooks are priced on a case-by-case basis.

Web page content: Beginning at $2500

Primary source articles: $300 - $1200

Case Studies: $300 - $1200

Blogs: $300 - $1200

Email Sequences: Beginning at $200 per email

**Ask me about monthly retainers & bundles for timely and consistent content with subscription-based pricing.**

Want to invest in content that actually converts your readers into patients? Then let’s chat!

Capture your audience with content that has a pulse. Updating your blog regularly lets your patients know you are THE expert in your field.

Educate and create lasting connections. Original web content and blogs that target your audience take you from relying on your practice to becoming a leader in your industry.

Breathe life into your online presence. If you want to attract more patient’s inbound marketing is a proven technique for doctors, and I’m here to help.



Hi, I’m Sarah, a freelance medical copywriter and biology nerd. 

I started out as a pre-med biology major but quickly became worried I would end up pushing pharmaceuticals instead of really helping people live healthier lives. I took my passion for writing and helping people and channeled it into copywriting for functional medicine doctors and health & wellness leaders.

I don’t want to simply fix the sick, I want people with confusing and often low-level conditions to identify and tackle their symptoms head on.

Why do we think increasing back pain, brain fog, and forgetfulness are normal signs of aging? I hear people in their youthful 30’s chalk those symptoms up to “getting older.”

It doesn’t have to be this way.

I don’t believe we need to live in the sick/care model any longer. I believe we can take control of our health and optimize our lives to create a better daily existence and make our bodies perform in incredible ways!

Wondering why I’m different from other copywriters?

I give your web content, articles, and blogs a voice.

I research every topic until it’s completely understood and never deliver boring content that puts your readers to sleep.

I keep the “big picture” in mind.

Ultimately – I help you win leads through a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy.

Ready to talk goals? Send me an email and we can get started on discussing your marketing strategy!


4 Easy & Delicious Paleo Recipes

These 4 Paleo recipes are personal favorites I've been cooking for 10 years. Over the years I've improved them for both…


Ready to talk about your content marketing strategy? Let’s get started.

In this 15-minute check-up we will discuss the steps of your inbound marketing strategy:

  1. Your goals – More patients? Higher income? More personal time? Retirement?
  2. Your website & web content – How we will show your potential clients your expertise.
  3. Your SEO – How well are you ranking in Google searches? 80% of patients research doctors online before committing.
  4. Inbound marketing content – I pitch articles, blogs, case studies, social media presence, and come up with a long-term plan.
  5. How I can save you time! You already have a full-time job – marketing yourself should not add to your work hours. With efficient check-ins you tell me what you want and I find the most effective way to achieve those goals.

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